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Mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria all have things in common. We welcome none of them in our homes as they produce foul odors and cause health concerns, though each one of them can get inside our HVAC system, rapidly spreading through the home.

There is a solution, though. Ultra Violet (UV) light, when produced at certain frequencies, can kill mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria, and inhibit their growth.

How Does UV Light Kill Mold ?

Just like the UV rays from the sun can alter our skin, UV light alters mold. The light interacts with the microorganism’s DNA and RNA structures. It prevents the reproduction of the mold or fungi and destroys their cell structure to eventually kill them off completely.

If you think of it as a bad sunburn, you can see how the UV light will attack and kill off these small organisms that thrive in the damp, dark areas of our HVAC systems. The best way to get rid of them is to install a UV light for HVAC systems.


Benefits of Installing UV Lights for HVAC Systems

There are benefits to installing UV lights for your HVAC system. As we have already discussed, the UV light can kill and inhibit microorganism growth. It can also control odors.

Dark and damp areas and the organisms that grow there produce smells. Musty, dusty, wet odors can permeate the air you breathe through the vents. It can also grow and embed in your paint, drywall, and even your clothing. UV light can reduce and eliminate these odors.

The mold and fungus also have known harmful effects to humans. Symptoms can be as mild as a small headache or as severe as rash, respiratory infections, or worse. Having UV light inhibit growth and kill these particles will reduce the effects they can have on your body, breathing, and health.


Dirty coil without UV LIGHT


Clean coil with UV light


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