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What home owners should be looking at and expecting when they look for a maintenance plan for the AC system?


  • Priority service.

In summer time when HVAC personnel couldn't keep up with the volume of calls that they are receiving each day, and when your AC system fails and you need some one to fix your unit ASAP, you need a plan that will give you a priority service to get your air up and running again.

  • Discounts on products and repairs.

When your AC system is down, or when time comes and you need to replace the unit, you definitely need some kind of a relief on the expenses of either a repair or the replacement, so make sure that the plan will give you that.

  • Drain line cleaning is included in the maintenance

To clean and flush the drain line is a must that has to be done to guarantee that a proper service is performed on your AC system

  • Topping the unit with 1 lbs of freon is included in the plan

You definitely do not want to pay additional money for adding a little amount of refrigerant (freon) each time some one comes to your house to do the maintenance or a check up. 

  • Comprehensive visual check for every visit

By hiring a contractor with good repetition that will give you the extra mile as he do the work on your unit.

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